Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Start

So, I started this blog last year and never did much with it. If you know me then you know that is just how I roll. LOL
A lot has changed lately, for example, I had a life changing surgery on October 11, 2010. I went in and had the Lap Band weight loss surgery (WLS). Many people have asked why I chose the LapBand instead of gastric bypass. Well, first let me say that WLS is a personal choice and that I do not recommend it for everyone because it is a very serious decision and until you are ready to make life long changes then it isn't something that should be done.
Now, back to my decision. Several years ago (2005) I began a weight loss journey and over the course of a year I lost 123lbs. I felt wonderful but was no where near done. In 2007 I began to get really frustrated with the fact that i was no longer loosing weight but was holding steady. I decided to go to a WLS seminar. After hearing about all the surgical options I began to really pray about it and felt that God was giving me the all clear to go ahead with the surgery but the time was not right.
Soon after the seminar I found out I was pregnant. This came as a shock to me since I did not think I could have babies. It also put a hold on my WLS plans. Time passed and I had a wonderful precious baby boy and gained 38lbs. Lost all 38lbs in 6wks after my baby boy was born since it was all fluid from preeclampsia. However, once again I was stuck. Started praying and when I started work I just knew things would work out... Nope, my insurance wouldn't cover it. Needless to say i was disappointed and frustrated.
My little family and I moved to the DC area and a year later my husbands insurance pulled through. Because he gained employment at a Hospital with the best insurance ever we found out that not only was the surgery covered but it was covered 100%. I went to another seminar and learned more about the surgeries then spoke to my husband and we both prayed again. Decision was made for me to have the LapBand.
Now, the LapBand is NOT a fast weight loss scenerio. It is a progressive weight loss procedure. There is a band around the upper part of the stomach that restricts food intake to 4-8oz of food at a time. Or 1/2-1cup of food. This surgery does not have malabsorption and it is a less invasive procedure.
I chose this because of several reason.
1) I felt peace about this procedure after praying.
2) I have already lost over 120lbs on my own and so i felt that I did not need an evasive surgery at this time.
3) the LapBand is reversible and adjustable.
4) The adjustment was important to me because we plan on having another baby one day and the band could be loosened if needed to ensure that the baby was getting proper nutrients.
5) Weight loss with the band is slower (around 1-3lbs a week) and if you work the band then you could get a lot more off a week (up to 10lbs I have heard). Anyway, I am hoping that the slower progression will lead to less sagging skin when I am all done and less surgery to repair.

So, those are the reason that I chose the LapBand. It is not a bash against any other WLS or anyone who has had other surgeries it's just my personal choice and one that I am so far happy with it. I will keep everyone posted as I go but so far I have lost 20lbs in 3weeks. :)

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